We Are Wasted

Get your drinks ready- We are Wasted is here to party it up! This band of party punk musicians hail from good ol’ Santa Clarita, California, and have made quite the impression. Made up of band mates Breen, Flyin Ryan, French Dip, and Paulie Bo Bo, We are Wasted releases their newest album “Under The Covers” in October of 2021, a 10 cover song extravaganza that has since managed to reach the ears online with thousands of Spotify plays. Along with their two original albums Throw it Up and Chug it Down!
We are Wasted have had their punk rock sound featured on the radio internationally, having hit the ears drums of over seas fans as well as the United States. The band have found themselves performing with the likes of The Dan Band, Alien Ant Farm, Buckcherry, and Puddle of Mudd, Quiet Riot, Kottonmouth Kings, Fozzy in addition to three of their songs being nabbed by a movie called “All American Bikini Car Wash”! We Are Wasted are the world record holders for the most consecutive days of doing the walls of Jericho on each other, Chris Jerichos signature finisher! The world party champions dabble in their own amateur wrestling matches to keep their fans entertained inbetween shows! Find We Are Wasted on Instagram for more wild videos!