The Vaudettes

The Vaudettes are a sultry dance troupe based out of Chicago. They have been dazzling crowds with their electric, floor-pounding routines since 2015. Every performance promises a spectacle of original choreography ranging from; classic kick-lines, playful shimmies, dark seductions, and sexy rock-and-roll. The Vaudette's were recently seen on Showtime featured in the new hit show Work in Progress, as well as making their cruise debut this past January on Jericho Cruise Part Deux, so they are beyond thrilled to be back for Tripple Whammy!

They have also worked all over Chicagoland and surrounding areas in bars, music venues, and theaters. Their style is described as Rock & Roll with a sexy burly edge, sprinkled with pop and musical theatre influences. They live for a good contrast! TheVaudettes are inclusive, body positive, dynamic, immersive, athletic, and empowering. They have created their own genre of dance performance and entertainment. Let's get Vaudy!