Hangman Adam Page

Raised on a tobacco farm in Aaron’s Creek, Virginia, Hangman Adam Page started his wrestling career at the age of 16, and was training with the legendary Jimmy Valiant by the time he was 18. 

Hangman has been on an upward career trajectory ever since, with impressive championship titles earned across the US, UK, Australia and Japan. 

Hangman, who graduated from Virginia Tech in only two years, was a high school teacher for five years while simultaneously training and wrestling professionally. 

Hangman was one of the first signees to All Elite Wrestling in January 2019.

He made his AEW debut at DOUBLE OR NOTHING in Las Vegas where he defeated the field in the “Casino Battle Royale,” which made him a contender for the AEW World Championship.  Hangman will face Chris Jericho in the World Championship Title Match at ALL OUT on August 31 in Chicago.

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