David Heath was born February 16th, 1969 in Florida. He played high school football but suffered a serious neck injury that ended his career. Despite fears that he would never play contact sports again, he became interested in professional wrestling. He was trained by Boris Malenko, father of fellow wrestler Dean Malenko. He then hit the independent wrestling scene under different personas all involving a gothic theme. He debuted in the World Wrestling Federation in mid 1998 under the name "Gangrel." At first he opposed a wrestler named Edge, but they (along with Christian), formed a highly popular trio known as the Brood, and feuded with Al Snow's J.O.B. Squad at the end of 1998. Gangrel received a European title shot at the Royal Rumble but did not win. The Brood then joined The Ministry of Darkness and followed the Undertaker in his goal to capture Stephanie McMahon. In April 1999 the Brood left the Ministry and shorty after they broke up. In the summer of 1999, Gangrel joined Matt and Jeff Hardy to create the New Brood, but the popularity level of the first version could not be duplicated. They broke up in October of that year and Gangrel tried to launch his solo career. He teamed up with his real life wife, Luna Vachon, but she was released from the WWF, and he followed soon after. In 2002, he appeared on an Australian World Wrestling All-Stars PPV as the Vampire Warrior, facing his wife Luna in a Black Wedding match, which he won. He remained out of the major-league spotlight until September 2004, when he made his return to WWE along with Viscera, turning against their former mentor The Undertaker, as one of JBL's hired henchmen on Smackdown.