Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes began her career in professional wrestling as a Ring Announcer.  This was a natural fit for the University of Michigan graduate, who leveraged her strong background in TV news and journalism to excel in an announcer role.  However, as the wife of Cody Rhodes and daughter-in-law of Dusty Rhodes, Brandi always longed to compete in the ring.

Brandi subsequently moved on from her Ring Announcer position, and fully committed to extensive training to become a wrestler.  She now has more than three years of in-ring wrestling experience around the world, and was AEW’s first contracted female superstar.

Brandi also serves as AEW’s Chief Brand Officer, where she oversees partnerships, community outreach, branding and communications.  She also scouts and recruits talent for AEW’s formidable women’s division. 

Brandi recently managed an innovative partnership with KultureCity for AEW’s DOUBLE OR NOTHING event in Las Vegas, which was the first-ever sensory inclusive wrestling event in history.

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