Alumni in the Ring

Will this be your first time on board?! Or are you a “repeat” Rager?! We're all one big family but with the Rager At Sea "Alumni In The Ring" program, you’ll be able to connect with your fellow Ragers on board by how many times they’ve sailed. Move up through the wrestling ranks each year!

As you board the ship, you will receive a uniquely colored & branded lanyard for your year based on the number of times you've sailed aboard Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea. Whether you're a lost newbie being directed by a seasoned sailor or a group of alumni cheers'ing with some first timers, we can't wait to see how these fun lanyards add to all the connections formed on board within this amazing community!

1st Rager At Sea: Opening Match

2nd Rager At Sea: Second Match

3rd Rager At Sea: Popcorn Match 

4th Rager At Sea: Main Event