How does the Waiting List work?

Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea is currently full. If we have cancelations prior to departure (which we often do), we will fill those rooms via our Waiting List.

When signing up for the waiting list, you will be asked what type of stateroom you want. You will be required to put down a $199 deposit that is NON REFUNDABLE, except in the event we do not have a stateroom for you by December 23, 2023. This means that we will refund your deposit if we cannot accommodate your stateroom request by December 23, 2023, but you will forfeit your deposit if you decide to take yourself off the list before that time.

After December 23, 2023 we will send an email to everyone still on the waiting list asking if they would like to remain on it. If you would like to take yourself off of the waiting list at that time, you may do so and receive a check for the full refund of your deposit. If you choose to stay on the waiting list past December 23, 2023, and we cannot accommodate your stateroom request before the cruise sails, we will automatically refund your deposit a few weeks after sailing.

FIRST AVAILABLE - If you chose “First Available – Waiting List First Available”, you are committing to take any type of stateroom that may come available, including suites.

Please Note: Because the Lead Guest owns the reservation, any changes to this guest are subject to a Lead Guest change fee of $299. No lead guest changes or transfers are permitted during the pre-sale or after October 28, 2023.  Lead Guest changes are also not permitted after an event sells out, except to guests who were named in the reservation prior to the sell-out.  Permitted changes incur a $299 Lead Guest change fee.