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Enroll in automatic monthly billing, and relax knowing that your future payments will be made automatically.


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Enroll in automatic billing, and relax knowing that your future payments will be made automatically.  When you book, we'll calculate an even monthly payment plan and you'll choose the day of the month you want your payments to be processed.  It's that easy!  Be sure to read the Automatic Billing FAQs for the answers to all your questions.

It's convenient. Payments are automatic and evenly divided. No chance of forgetting to pay and being assessed a late fee.

If you have Total Automatic Billing and your reservation balance changes (for instance, if you add a guest or upgrade your stateroom), we’ll adjust the payment amounts on the Total Automatic Billing plan and notify all guests via email. Your payment dates won't change.

If you have a Choose Your Amount plan and the reservation balance changes, no automatic adjustments will take place.

Yes, Sixthman will email you payment reminders a few days before each payment is processed, and we'll email a payment confirmation after each payment is processed.

Payments will be monthly on the day of the month you choose.  The number of payments is based on how many months there are from the time you book to the final payment date (on or around August 15, 2018).  You will see your exact payment plan while you enroll.

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